The Supernova Exporter store provides you with a selection of Exporters that you can use out of the box. Those exporters usually follow recommendations for the platforms they target, and in many cases will be enough to use as is.However, because we realize that everyone's requirements and coding standards are different, the file structure of the export can be vastly different from project to project and because we want to enable community creations to be made, you can build and contribute the exporters to the Exporter Store yourself. This guide will teach you everything you need to know to be able to create an exporter from scratch, for any language, platform, or purpose you can imagine.

Building exporters (dark)

Modifying existing exporters

Before writing your own exporter, it is always better to check the Exporter store to see if there isn't an exporter that is close to what you need. If you find one, you can modify it to your needs by cloning it — and turning it into your own private exporter.

Building new exporter packages

If you have a need for a very specific technology or an idea you would love to explore — maybe a not-so-common framework or even proprietary technologies specific to your company, exporting HTML documentation or other wild ideas, this is when the time is right to write a new exporter package. We have made it dead easy to start and it is up to you just how amazing and complex exporter you want to build.

Sharing your creations with others

The best projects are those that are made as a collaboration of amazing developers. If you have created an exporter of your own and want to share it with others — perhaps to get help, recognition, or just contribute to make the life of others easier, we strongly encourage you to publish it to the Exporter Store!